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LED Menu Light Selects New Colors for 2019 Product Line

LED Menu Light Selects New Colors for 2019 Product Line

The graphic designers and stylists at LED Menu Light have made their final selection of new colors for 2019.

LED Menu Light have backlit inside covers that light up when the menu is opened making it easy for patron to read the type. Restaurants with dimly lit settings use them for food menus, wine lists and dessert menus; and also check presenter colors.

Menu covers are sold as blanks or with your logo custom printed on the cover. Custom LED Menus come in an assortment of new colors and textures and add a touch of class to your restaurant. They are available for sale at www.ledmenulight.com

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LED Menu Light manufactures and sells LED illuminated Menu Covers, Boards, and Check Presenters
All our LED menus are made with soft white LED light for easy reading, just like the Kindle and E-Readers. This is perfect for customers who have a hard time reading tiny types on menus in dimly lit restaurants.

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