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Testimonials of LED Menu Light Satisfied Customers

Testimonials of LED Menu Light Satisfied Customers


Stone Eagle Golf Club Testimonial - LED Menu Light are elegant, well crafted, and the biggest plus so far has been the weight of the individual menus

We have struggled with LED menus in the past. Everything from not charging, buttons getting stuck, and material just falling apart.

After constant repairs we went in a different direction and so far, these new menus from LED Menu Light have worked out great; we couldn’t be happier.

They are elegant, well crafted, and the biggest plus so far has been the weight of the individual menus. It is so much easier for our hostesses to carry 6-10 menus at a time where before it would require two trips or an additional staff member.

Our members, especially the ladies, have been very complimentary about the weight as well.

Christopher Aguilar
Food and Beverage Manager
Stone Eagle Golf Club

Ivy Restaurant, Wheaton, Illinois - LED Menus by LED Menu Light, Hollywood Florida USA

Hello Marvin,

The menus are great. Perfect sizes and great light display.

Thank you again.

Jason Sandquist,
General Manager Ivy Restaurant


Ivy Restaurant – LED Menus by LEDmenulight.com

The Dragon Scottsdale

The menus look great!

Thank you
Andrew Navarro
General Manager | The Dragon Scottsdale


The Dragon Bites Menu – LED Menus by LEDmenulight.com


LED menu for azuza hookah lounge

Dear Marvin,

This is the first time I was purchasing any sort of LED menus so I had several questions, Marvin was extremely helpful and very prompt at getting back to me throughout the purchasing/delivering process.

I ordered LED tabletops for my restaurant, it took about 3 weeks to get them delivered but they were definitely worth the wait and turned out amazing! The light is not too bright nor too dim and our gold foil logo printed on each menu takes them over the top!

I also ordered the translucent paper and had FedEx print my artwork on them (make sure you measure the paper and leave a border on your artwork as this area will be hidden once you place the paper inside the menu, I recommend printing out a sample before printing out the whole batch).

Thanks again Marvin for the excellent service, product and support!

Nancy Bedwan
Azuza Hookah Lounge

Azuza Hookah Lounge

Azuza Hookah Lounge – LED Menu Tents by LEDmenulight.com