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Smaller font size and dim lighting make for a challenging night out

August 2, 2018

Recently, my husband Kevin and I went to dinner sans teens, a special event. We decided to forego our usual Tex-Mex spot in favor of a Spanish restaurant offering great tapas. This translates to a quieter, dimmer, adults-only atmosphere conducive to lingering over our meal, sharing a glass of wine, and not issuing please-chew-with-your-mouth-closed reminders.

With Spanish murals and soft guitar music as our romantic backdrop, we sat at our table, picked up our menus, and tried to focus on the 6-point-font-sized list of appetizers.

We perused the menu for a few minutes before one of us (probably me) finally said, “I can’t see a darn thing. Why do they have to make the type so small?”

I held the menu far enough away to be in another ZIP code while Kevin adopted his best Robert De Niro face as he tried to discern what Camarones al ajillo means. “Is this in Spanish . . . or can we just not see . . . or both?” he asked.

Let There Be Light

After struggling for a few more minutes, we cast pride aside, and Kevin reached for his reading glasses while I whisked out my credit-card size magnifier that fits in my wallet. (Good God, do I own a credit-card size magnifier?)

I leaned in toward the votive candle for an extra 2 watts hoping not to catch the menu on fire, although the extra light from the flames would have helped. Meanwhile, Kevin broke out his iPhone flashlight app. With the added luminosity and 2x magnification, we were ready to order.

LED Menu Light


LED Menu Light manufactures and sells LED illuminated Menu Covers, Boards, and Check Presenters
All our LED menus are made with soft white LED light for easy reading, just like the Kindle and E-Readers. This is perfect for customers who have a hard time reading tiny types on menus in dimly lit restaurants.

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