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What Is Bottle Service?

Las Vegas nightclub bottle service usually includes a private table for guests which includes mixers of the guest’s choice such as orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and soda water. Bottle service is reserved through a VIP host who will make sure that guests have a good night. Your reservation will also include a model cocktail waitress who will serve you all night, a security guard that oversees your section, and a busser who will keep your table clean and replace ice and used glassware. Learn more by reading our planning guide.

How Do I Reserve Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service?

Reserving Las Vegas nightclub bottle service is as simple as contacting a direct club host and letting them know what you need and when you need it. In as little as one or two e-mails (or a phone call), you’ll have made a reservation directly with a lead host who works at your desired nightclub(s). Feel free to ask them about bottle service pricing, bottle service menu, and table location availability.

How Much Does Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service Cost?

Las Vegas bottle service and table minimums are established one of three ways, or through a combination of all:

  • By Number Of People. “You must spend $__ per number of people at your table.” Which typically means one bottle per 3 people. On average bottles cost between $350 and $575 per bottle.
  • Supply and demand. If a club is very busy because of a holiday weekend, special performer, or….. because it’s just busy, they will obviously want to sell table space to those who are willing to pay the most for it. In these cases, and especially for more in-demand locations within the club (dancefloor tables, etc), pricing will fluctuate separately from the size of your group. “Dancefloor table starts at $5,000 tonight.”
  • Location. This goes for both what club you decide to visit and where your table is located within the venue. At “mega-clubs” such as XS, Omnia, and Hakkasan, table minimums will be higher than smaller clubs like Marquee, Tao, and Jewel. Also note that the closer your table is to the dance floor, the higher your table minimum will be.
  • Additional Costs. Minimums are in addition to tax and gratuity, which typically is 8.1% and 20%, plus a Live Entertainment Tax of 10% (if applicable, depending on the club, or special event).

Groups looking to share Las Vegas nightclub bottle service can connect with others on our split a table page in our forums.  If table service isn’t in your trip’s budget, we’ve got you covered, sign up for our FREE guest list at many of the top Las Vegas nightclubs.

Costs of Bottle Service vs Just Going To The Bar

Costs of Bottle Service vs Just Going To The Bar.

For those of us who like to meticulously break down everything by the numbers (you know who you are), the average 750 ml bottle of alcohol will pour (roughly) 17 1.5 ounces (standard pour) shots. Whether you or your waitress pours standard pour drinks is another story, but that’s the basic math.

If you average $17 per drink at the bar (with tip), multiplied by the 17 in a bottle, that means each bottle would (theoretically) cost about $300 for an equivalent number of similar drinks.

What Is Bottle Service?On top of that, factor in savings on cover charges, which would have been $30 – 45 per person. So in an example case where three people opted for a table with a *one bottle minimum, that means they would have spent about $400 on cover charges and drinks at the bar vs $450 + tax and gratuity for a table, waitress, and convenience.

Thinking of it in terms of this can help the analytical amongst us attach a cost for the convenience and experience that comes with bottle service. *Don’t forget what we said about supply and demand. One bottle minimums do happen, but not if the demand outweighs the supply of tables.

How Do You Get A Special Bottle Presentation?

If you’ve ever seen one of the very conspicuous bottle service presentations where waitresses are riding on bussers’ backs, drums are being played, the DJ is mic’ing the crowd, sparklers, names are on the big screen, etc, that’s considered a “special” bottle presentation. While you’ll usually see this with more expensive champagne purchases, in terms of who (or what minimum spend) gets this, that’s completely dependent on the club, your relationship with the host, and what you actually ordered. If you would like a special bottle service presentation, simply ask your host as you’re making the reservation.

When Do I Want Bottle Service and At What Las Vegas Clubs?

Most all Las Vegas nightclubs have a noticeably superior level of customer service — especially when compared to other cities (hey…service is kind of our thing), so they’re all somewhat equal in that respect. Since they’re all mostly the same, it’s better to focus more on: when and why do you want bottle service.

It goes without saying that having a place to sit if you want to is better than being forced to stand, and having an area all to your friends is better than not. Add in your own waitress, busser, security, and the feeling of superiority over the poor wretched sore-footed masses, and the advantages are clear. That’s the why.

As far as the when, the best advice is to keep in mind that having a table really does kind of commit you to the one club for at least a couple of hours, so it’s best to reserve at a place you know you’ll want to be (you like the club, the crowd, the performer, or just because you want to be there).

What If The Bottle Minimum Is Ridiculous For My Sized Group?

“Wait. So two people are supposed to drink three bottles?!” This goes back to our original statement on supply and demand, whereas the supply of tables and demand for them, unfortunately, doesn’t much care if you’re just visiting town with your friend or significant other. If you guys want bottle service, you’ll have to suck it up and pay the going rate. Fortunately, LasVegasNightclubs.com has a great new feature in our forums that allows people to post when they are visiting and find other good people to split the tables with. Check that out here.

Why Is Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service More Fun?

You get your own private table why you watch your favorite DJ perform. You have your own space for the entire night. As a guy, it makes it easier to pick up girls, and as a girl, a table helps keep the guys away. Plus you have the ability to sit down. Table service is more upscale and makes it easier for everyone to notice you.

Your table will have its own very attractive model cocktail server, along with a busser who will keep your area clean and a security guard for you in your section that works just for you. With a table, there is no reason for you to have to go to the bar and order drinks.

Last Minute Las Vegas Nightclub Bottle Service Tips:

The more you can spend, the better the table location.
Plan on spending more than expected. You will probably spend about 1.5x more than planned due to meeting new friends.

If you are the person paying and in charge of your table, make sure to let your server know that you are the only person allowed to order anything.
Make sure to ask your host about any bottle specials.

Don’t forget to tip your busser!

For guys: If you want girls at your table, ask your security guard for girls and slip him a $20. Once the girls arrive make sure to offer them a drink. If you don’t, they will most likely leave the table.